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“Content precedes design. Design in the absence of content is not design, it’s decoration.”

– Jeffrey Zeldman

About Lucas Design Studios

Lucas Design Studios was founded by Lucas Rodriguez, June 1st, 2015. With the realization that the skills and services being learned in school could be applied to any business around the world, he set off to create his own marketing agency. Lucas Design Studios’ purpose is to provide advertising, marketing and branding for local businesses in order to help them stay on top of current trends and reach the people most important to their business. Local support, word of mouth, volunteer work, and good communication are a few of things that have helped Lucas Design Studios get to this point.

Lucas Rodriguez

Lucas Rodriguez


About the Owner

Lucas Rodriguez is a young enthusiastic designer looking to create a difference in the World. Lucas studied Graphic Design at Niagara College Canada for three years and graduated in April 2016 with an advanced diploma. Throughout his time at Niagara College, a lot of valuable skills were acquired such as time management, team collaboration, and communication, as well as intercultural skills and effective problem-solving skills. Sustainability, creativity, and knowledge are some of the things that push him forward to being a better designer and business owner. Some of his interests include design, art, athletics, photography, travel, and music. Three words used to describe Lucas’ style would be Bold, Sharp, and Dynamic, due to use of Colour, High Contrast, and Line Work.

Lucas Design Studios’ Objectives

If you would like to drop in, Lucas Design Studios has acquired a commercial business space on Main Street Mount Forest, ON, Canada. We are very interested in working with small businesses and companies looking to offset workload as well as working with like-minded entrepreneurs. Lucas Design Studios approach to design and marketing can be an asset to many people in the community and the surrounding areas as we expand our markets and make gross. Lucas Design Studios plans to expand marketing channels and business operating area. Expect to see refined marketing kits and consistent advertising while you’re in the area.